About Fatherland Holdings

Fatherland Holdings is the visionary nucleus behind an array of budding enterprises

At Fatherland Holdings, we believe in fostering a global ecosystem that propels the ascendance and flourishing of African descendants and their communities. Our collective efforts are aimed at meeting the diverse needs of millions of individuals across various spheres, including cultural, economic, recreational, educational, tourism, investment, and entertainment domains.


Fatherland endeavours to offer customized products and services tailored for Africans and the African Diaspora, while also appealing to non-Africans in search of an authentic African experience.

Fatherland Holdings is building global community hubs to accelerate the development and growth of African descent and their communities to fulfill millions of people's cultural, economic, recreational, educational, spiritual, investment, and entertainment needs. The solution as a profit-making enterprise, culturally designed with a long-term sustainable plan in line with the United Nations' sustainable development goal

"Unlocking the $300 billion potential in equitably serving the Black consumer landscape in the United States is an endeavour ripe with opportunity," as highlighted by McKinsey & Company.

Fatherland Holdings stands poised at the forefront, ready to cater to burgeoning markets. Our mission extends beyond conventional boundaries, as we pioneer the creation of products, services, and infrastructures tailored specifically to the African and diaspora communities. Moreover, we aim to entice non-African visitors seeking an authentic cultural immersion experience. Envisioning a future where prosperity intertwines with purpose, Fatherland Holdings is committed to fostering enterprises with cultural enrichment. Through our endeavours, we aim not only to uplift communities but also to provide substantial employment opportunities for young African talents on a global scale.

Fatherland Holdings

Fatherland Holdings reveals how a group of people is bound geographically, culturally, linguistically, religiously, and economically in the challenging world for Africans and African Descendants. The self-sustainable concept focuses on self-determination to flourish and become a vibrant, courageous, and proud community for Africans and African Descendants worldwide.



Our communities are created to empower Africans with sustainable and culturally designed interventions


We empower the African descent through
creative and sustainable product and services

policy center

We facilitate support and promote public
policies that enhance development and growth.